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AZS-33:It has excellent corrosion resistance to molten glass, a very low exudation and blistering rate. Mainly used in glass contact (side walls, paving tiles, etc.) and superstructures (breast walls, ports, tuck-stones, etc.)

Typical Applications

Paving tiles
Working ends
Feeder Channels
Doghouse arches

Typical Chemical Composition

Typical Crystallographic Analysis

Typical Physical Properties

Bulk Density 3.7g/cm3
Apparent Porosity ≤1.5%
Cold Crushing Strength 350MPa
Linear Change Under Load% 0
Refractoriness Under Load Of 0.2Mpa 1700℃
Exudation Temp 1400℃
Static corrosion of molten glass(Soda-lime Glass,1500℃※36h) 1.45mm/24h
Blister rate(Soda0lime glass,1300℃※36h) 1.4%

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