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Product Description

AZS-36: With better properties than AZS 33 especially in corrosion resistance to alkaline and has good creep resistance. Main applications include heavy wear superstructures and glass contact zones.

Typical Applications

Side walls
Working ends

Typical Chemical Composition

Typical Crystallographic Analysis

Typical Physical Properties

Bulk Density 3.7g/cm3
Apparent Porosity ≤1.5%
Cold Crushing Strength 350MPa
Linear Change Under Load% <1
Refractoriness Under Load Of 0.2Mpa 1700℃
Exudation Temp 1400℃
Static corrosion of molten glass(Soda-lime Glass,1500℃※36h) 1.44mm/24h
Blister rate(Soda0lime glass,1300℃※36h) 1.2%

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